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What can the Digital Leadership Forum do for me?


What will I get out of it?

The benefits of the Digital Leadership Forum are a nice mix of the practical and personal. Held in London on 8-9 May, DLF will give you increased confidence and self-belief in your ability to lead digital change in your organisation collaboratively and effectively.

You’ll have tools and tactics at your fingertips that you can use back in your office. You’ll learn about some useful models and methodologies for dealing with your colleagues and stakeholders. You’ll have improved communication skills that will help your team work better together and help you get buy-in from others. You’ll be able to see your challenges and opportunities in a different light.

In short, you’ll be a better leader. You’ll hopefully also have a better understanding of other people’s perspectives and motivations and how to deal with them (especially when they don’t align with yours!). It’ll be fun too. And you’ll almost certainly make some new friends.

How will I be able to use what I learn?

To implement digital projects and processes you need more than digital expertise and project management. Managing stakeholders and helping them participate constructively in change requires additional soft skills. DLF will help with this.  

You’ll also learn about how leadership is changing. Creative, solutions-focused models for problem solving will help you look at your projects and your team in a different light. Last year, the collaboration exercises like our Lego challenge were so popular that participants immediately tried them out with their own colleagues, with great results.

Your own personal development is a particular focus this year: you’ll be able to create your own leadership development plan. Your organisation will benefit as well: you’ll be better equipped to push digital forwards and turn good ideas into reality, while bringing people with you.

Is it worth the investment?

Digital moves fast, so good leaders need to be resilient, versatile and agile. Investing in digital leadership, and especially in strong change-management skills means investing in effective digital strategy and change. Without that investment it’s like building a house from the roof down.

I’m not sure I’m really a leader. Is it for me?

Yes! Leaders are definitely not just people on senior leadership teams. If you’re leading on any aspect of digital change, that makes you a leader. If you manage people or processes within and across teams while you’re delivering a digital programme or campaign, then it’ll be useful for you.

Who else will be there?

DLF always brings together a really interesting crowd: a mix of people from different organisations and in different roles, but with common challenges. The conversations are always lively, open and friendly. Some people will be in more senior roles, some less senior. Some people will have more leadership experience, some less. Some people will be more technical, others less so.

Being a good leader means being open to listening and understanding a diversity of opinions and perspectives, learning from them and using them to develop. The Digital Leadership Forum will make you better at doing just that.  

What about snacks?

There’ll be delicious food, courtesy of the Petit Bleu cafe, and also plentiful supplies of tea and Monmouth coffee.

The Digital Leadership Forum is held on 8-9 May in London. Apply now, or find out more information.