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Digital strategy & implementation support for non-profits


Helping non-profits deliver effective digital operation for almost 20 years

Brani Milosevic, MD of Digital Leadership Ltd

I’m an independent Digital Consultant and Strategist for the UK non-for-profit sector. I forged my expertise in digital strategy development and implementation at some of the biggest Britain’s charities.

I established Digital Leadership Ltd to help individuals, teams and senior management lead digital transformation in their organisations.

My support can begin with the development of a digital strategy. The strategy identifies the purpose of Digital, how it can help an organisation achieve its objectives and ambition as well as what skills, roles, planning processes and technical or business systems are needed to achieve this purpose.

Through this process and, when I'm asked to help with the strategy implementation,  I work alongside organisations’ digital leads – who are essential in making digital transformation successful – mentoring and supporting them in building up their own leadership and influencing skills.

Since Digital Leadership Ltd was established, I’ve helped shape Communications and/or Digital teams. I provided support for the recruitment of digital roles, digital campaign planning and project management and developed training and mentoring for staff and senior management. 

I work on my own as well as with other agencies and consultants, combining best skills to achieve best results for clients.

I’ve established the Digital Leadership Forum (DLF) and quarterly DLF refreshers. I am NCVO trainer, a CharityComms mentor and a qualified executive coach.




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Digital (Transformation) strategy

In the digital strategy development process we identify the main purpose of Digital for your organisation, drawing from organisational strategy and brand. With this focus, we can pinpoint what needs to be done in the areas of Planning & Processes, Staffing & Training and Systems & Data in order to achieve this purpose in the short and long-term. The engagement of main stakeholders is weaved into the process throughout.

digital skills audit & training

Once we know what needs to happen in order for your organisation to gain the most out of your digital output we can identify what skills and behaviours in staff are needed. Digital skills and behaviours audit will show us where the organisation is at and help us identify what kind of support and personal development is needed to bring everyone to the necessary level.

AUDIENCE engagement & CRM planning

I help organisations with main aspects of digital (transformation) strategy implementation: creation of planning processes which start with audiences and focus on engagement journeys; the development of training to improve skills; help with recruitment and building teams; design of new technology systems to support the strategy; CRM planning – from email strategy to audience journeys.

Digital Leadership forum(DLF)

Digital Leadership Forum aims to develop personal leadership and influencing skills in Digital Leads. It’s an opportunity to take stock of the past year, learn how to use some of the influencing, leadership and coping tools and create a personal development plan for the year ahead. Over the past 4 years 60 + digital leads attended the Forum. more on DLF 2018 >>

DIGITAL maturity

I developed the Digital Maturity framework which helps organisations identify how ready they are to digitally transform. Digital Leads can use the digital maturity test & analysis to communicate to their organisations what steps they need to take to develop an effective digital operation and to gather support for the digital transformation process. The Digital Maturity assessment can also be the initial stage of the digital strategy development. 

mentoring & coaching

Mentoring is provided to Digital Leads or Senior Managers to support them in leading digital strategy implementation. Based on the challenges ahead we set mentoring objectives which we work through in the series of 6 monthly sessions. Refreshers are coaching events when Digital Leads discuss main challenges in leading Digital and practice soft leadership skills.



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