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Digital Leadership Forum 2019

Leadership for the digital age

Personal & career development for people leading digital in the non-profit sector

when & where

8-9 May 2019, The Artworks London Bridge, London


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It’s only with confident digital leaders that organisations will be able to navigate through change in the digital age. What makes a digital leader confident is a set of skills, abilities and frameworks they can use to support and work with their colleagues at every level in an organisation.

who is it for?

A digital leader is anyone in the organisation who is leading some aspect of digital change - from digital managers, heads and directors of Digital to senior leaders, communications, fundraising and IT directors, service delivery leads or data and supporter care leads.

What makes it special?

In its 6th year, the Forum has minimal presentations. Instead, the event is participative, with time to practice skills and test frameworks. Hierarchy is not important, DLF participants learn from each other. The two days are facilitated to ensure the right mix of hands-on work, learning and reflection. 

From Digital leadership forum 2018

Post-event support


Refreshers for Digital Leads are half-day workshops where people can come together in a safe space to discuss and exchange their experiences of leading digital in their organisations.



These are 75-90 minute sessions where we discuss work issues that are on your mind. This can be anything from how to structure, build and manage your team to how to influence peers and management or develop your confidence and communications style. If you want to discuss mentoring for you get in touch

Digital Leadership Forum 2018, Photo: Julius Honnor @  Contentious

Digital Leadership Forum 2018, Photo: Julius Honnor @ Contentious

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