What digital maturity looks like

What digital maturity looks like

Julie Dodd, director of digital transformation at Parkinson’s UK, knows a thing or ten about digital maturity. I asked her for some food for thought ahead of the Digital Leadership Forum.

Photo by  Dan Gold  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Why is digital maturity a good frame for looking at digital?

Assessing and tracking digital maturity gives us a clear understanding of our relative strengths and weaknesses in different areas of technological capability.

It also counters some of the misconceptions that exist around digital – where one person thinks it's all about email marketing and websites, another thinks it's all about hardware and "IT stuff", and another thinks it's all about digital services.

What does a digitally mature organisation look like?

Digital maturity looks different for different kinds of organisations, but the consistent factors include:

  • Removing the digital bottleneck.
  • Having digital leadership at the top table.
  • A culture that is open.
  • Stopping seeing digital and IT as separate areas of work.

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