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TRAINING: Developing an effective digital strategy

TRAINING: Digital strategy development

Working with participants' real-life examples, the Digital Strategy Development workshop helps participants unpack the challenges of digital strategy development and implementation.

in a nutshell

* A framework for digital strategy development
* How to get the cross-organisational buy-in and support

WHO: Digital managers and senior managers looking after strategy development
COST: £350
WHERE: London, location TBC


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the workshop covers

The workshop covers digital strategy development, providing participants with models that can be used to develop and implement a digital strategy:

* Digital strategy model - helps ensure that all areas are considered in the process – from objectives, purpose of digital to staffing, processes and systems the organisation needs to achieve the identified digital objectives.
* An integrated planning model - which helps digital teams/Digital Leads coordinate messaging through different (digital) channels. It is especially good at dealing with competing priorities and pressures different teams in an organisation put on communications and digital teams
* Audience journeys and planning model – helps ensure that channels audiences are likely to use are covered in communications/digital planning

Alongside this the training would look at softer skills - selling in the strategy and influencing up in the organisation. Essential to get the implementation on the successful path!

* Digital leadership: What are the challenges for your organisation's Digital Leads and how can they be overcome? How can the Digital Leads and Senior managers best support each other?
* Digital implementation: How are stakeholders getting involved with Digital across the organisation? What planning and implementation processes work /don't work?

At the end of this workshop participants will have a framework for digital strategy development – whether this is a cross-organisational strategy specific to their organisation or just a strategy for a marketing/advocacy campaign which they are planning with other teams in the organisation. More importantly, participants will gain tips on how to get the cross-organisational buy-in and support.

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