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Digital maturity test - SHORT

Digital maturity test - SHORT


Which one of the statements below best describes your situation with Digital change? The number next to the statement is your digital maturity level.

  1. My organisation’s use of Digital is basic. We have a website, our technology is old and staff are scared of digital technology and changes that this may bring to the way we operate.

  2. We have some staff with digital expertise who deliver messages to our supporters/beneficiaries/clients on behalf of other teams. Teams feel they ‘own’ audiences, so silos are dominant. We have a relatively nice website, but a lot of our backend processes are manual and slow.

  3. Our digital team is working with other teams in the organisation to help them deliver personalised journeys using updated technology. Some technology and process changes to programme delivery have been made to make us more efficient but there is still a lot of manual work. There is no clarity on what relevant digital skills for each role in the organisation are so there is no corresponding learning and development programme.

  4. Teams in my organisation are working and planning together, developing products and technology solutions which are tailored to supporters/beneficiaries/clients’ needs so we can deliver the change we’ve set out to make. People with relevant digital skills are recruited into new roles. There is upskilling/retraining programme for long-standing staff.

  5. Process of digital transformation is ongoing, new technology is used, most staff uses relevant digital skills in their job. Innovative solutions for programme/service delivery have been developed, tested, tweaked, dropped or delivered. The organisation is looking at transforming its business model so it can deliver to its vision in the digital age.

See description and top tips for going up a level:

Digital maturity is a measure of how ready an organisation is to digitally transform.