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Digital maturity Level 5

Level 5


People in your organisation feel that Digital is the principal way to engage current and future supporters and central to both operational and supporter/client engagement work.

Digital has a strategic voice, represented by a Digital Director who takes part in strategy-level decision-making. The organisation seeks advice from its Digital Director on coping with market change caused by developments in Digital. The CEO champions digital transformation. There is at least one digital expert on the Board.

Director of Digital leads a team whose expertise is distributed across the organisation and deeply embedded in other teams and job descriptions. Digital is a part of a wide range of functions – from strategic leadership and communications planning, brand experience, user experience, supporter services, programme/service delivery to technology development and maintenance and innovation.

Every project is grounded in rich supporter insight which guides the project design from the outset. It is delivered in agile way with prototyping user feedback and testing. By now you will have had a few projects that failed - but the lessons you’ve learnt have been priceless!

You have a 21st-century CRM which enables real-time reporting and triggered communications at the touch of a button such as real-time dashboard updates and automated email programmes. Real-time (or close to real-time) dashboards are available to everyone in an organisation, responding to the needs of teams and driving clear improvements to operations and organisational effectiveness.

A large scale digital training programme is running, managed by HR in collaboration with Director of Digital. Digital training or mentoring is essential for Senior Management and the Board.

It’s likely that there is a programme which is ran independently from the day-to-day organisational hustle and bustle. The programme team can spend time on working with experts in the organisation and understanding the external market in order to create products that respond to the same challenge your organisation is trying to solve.

Your organisation has gone as far as possible with digital transformation within the existing organisational structure and hierarchy. The most likely next stage will be more fundamental change to the core of the organisation — how is the change in the market impacting how your organisation delivers its mission from products you are offering to how decisions are made.

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