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Digital maturity Level 2

Level 2


Digital is managed by at least one Digital role (e.g. Digital Manager) and there might also be an Email & Social Media exec on the team. Possibly one person in another team taking care of specific content (e.g. digital campaigner or digital fundraiser), but Digital is not part of other roles that are recruited.

The website Content Management System (CMS) is outdated and needs replacing soon. Digital has a decent record of delivering projects for the organisation but they don't feel very strategic. There’s no online Customer Relationship Management capability – email communications are based on the traditional supporter database segmentation.

When planning projects and campaigns Digital Lead is asked for their expert input when a project lead judges that this is needed. There is no digital budget for creative or content, this is managed by other teams. Therefore, it can be difficult to influence decision-making on the project and quality of digital deliverables.

Audience data based on supporter database analysis is augmented by top level web analytics and social media audience analysis but is only occasionally used in planning of new products/initiatives.

Testing of the website or email occurs and performance of Facebook posts is evaluated. But analysis of this data is not widely shared and its implications are not always understood and acted upon.

A small training budget is available for the Digital Team, focused on improving practical skills. Some budget for digital training on the basic digital skills in other teams is available.

Moving up

To move up a level these are the steps you can take in order of priority:

  1. Support your Digital Lead in working with main stakeholders to identify the Purpose of Digital and Digital Vision for your organisation. While this can seem like a luxury when time and resources are tight, it is essential to do as it will direct all future digital activity – from website development to recruitment.

  2. Invest in the development of your Digital Lead leadership skills so they can guide the organisation through this process and the implementation of your Digital Vision.

  3. Allocate a realistic budget to deliver this vision.

  4. Use integrated planning approach for one or two major communication campaigns in a year. This means including digital expertise at every stage of the project – from briefing to evaluation.

  5. Fix the basics. Don’t let new fun digital things (such as a new social network) distract you – is your donation journey as simple as it could be, is your email design working well, are your main journeys mobile optimised?

  6. Start measuring effectiveness of your digital operation such as donation page conversion rates, email conversion rates, % of overall income that is coming through website (regardless of the source). Once you start following these metrics you will be able to understand what’s working and what’s not working for your audience.

  7. Ensure that lessons of previous digital products are fed into the planning of new ones.

  8. Invest in digital skills training for staff and require digital skills of applicants for any job you are recruiting for.

  9. Clarify your brand – what is it that makes you unique, why would people engage with you and not with another similar organisation?

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