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The Digital Leadership Forum is a two-day personal development workshop aiming to support Digital Leads and other Managers lead digital transformation in their organisations.



Next Digital Leadership Forum will take place in JUne 2019 in london

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It’s an opportunity to unwind, slow down, take stock of the past year, learn how to use some of the influencing, leadership and coping tools and create a personal development plan for the year ahead.

Developing ourselves often feels like a luxury when there is so much to do in the office, but it is essential for career progression and becoming better at one's job.

And learning about ourselves needs time. DLF stretches over two days. Time for presentations is reduced to allow more space for participants' own reflection, discussion, peer support and facilitated thinking and planning.

If you've had a mentor or a coach, you will know what these two days will feel like. Many of us haven't got much time to think about how we operate in the workplace beyond pure delivery. So when we allow ourselves to do it, we can learn a lot about self and how others perceive us.

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It’s always hugely refreshing to meet with this group and discuss common issues - even if it’s working through others’ problems, it’s a helpful time to think deeply and reflect
— Shaf


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